Service Details

Pressure washing


The scope of work for pressure washing exterior homes and commercial buildings typically includes:


1. Surface Assessment: Inspecting the building's exterior to identify areas in need of cleaning and potential issues.


2. Preparing the Area: Covering delicate or sensitive items, like windows and landscaping, to protect them from high-pressure water.


3. Cleaning: Using high-pressure water to remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and other contaminants from the building's exterior surfaces.


4. Cleaning Agents: Application of cleaning agents or detergents as needed for tougher stains or mold removal.


5. Rinse and Restore: Thoroughly rinsing the surfaces and ensuring a clean and revitalized appearance.


6. Spot Treatment: Addressing specific stains or problem areas with extra attention.


7. Equipment Maintenance: Ensuring pressure washing equipment is well-maintained for optimal performance.


8. Safety Measures: Following safety protocols to protect both workers and the property.


9. Post-Work Inspection: A final evaluation of the cleaned surfaces to ensure client satisfaction.


The specific scope can vary depending on the building's size, material, and the extent of cleaning required.