Service Details

Interior and exterior commercial painting


The scope of work for interior and exterior commercial painting projects typically includes:


*Interior Commercial Painting:*


1. Surface Preparation: Thoroughly preparing surfaces by cleaning, sanding, and filling cracks or holes.


2. Priming: Applying a primer coat to create a smooth and even base for paint.


3. Paint Selection: Assisting the client in choosing the appropriate paint type and color.


4. Application: Applying paint to walls, ceilings, trim, and other interior surfaces with brushes, rollers, or sprayers.


5. Multiple Coats: Applying multiple coats as needed for proper coverage and finish quality.


6. Detail Work: Precise work on intricate details, like molding and trim.


7. Cleanup: Properly cleaning up the work area and disposing of materials.


8. Final Inspection: Ensuring the quality and consistency of the paint job.


*Exterior Commercial Painting:*


1. Surface Preparation: Cleaning, power washing, and addressing any surface issues, like peeling paint or rust.


2. Surface Repairs: Repairing or replacing damaged areas, such as wood or metal siding.


3. Priming: Applying a weather-resistant primer to protect against the elements.


4. Paint Selection: Assisting the client in selecting durable exterior paint suitable for the climate.


5. Application: Using brushes, rollers, or sprayers to apply paint to exterior surfaces, including walls, doors, window frames, and more.


6. Multiple Coats: Applying multiple coats for a long-lasting and protective finish.


7. Safety Measures: Adhering to safety standards when working at heights or in challenging conditions.


8. Cleanup: Properly disposing of waste and leaving the property tidy.


9. Final Inspection: A final check to ensure the paint job meets quality standards and client expectations.


The specific scope of work may vary depending on the building's size, the condition of the surfaces, and the client's preferences.